Forever 21 Hacks

on September 7, 2017

Top Ten Forever 21 Hacks

Forever 21 is a great place for all kinds of body shapes and sizes. It’s a safe haven for those who want affordable and in-style clothes at the same time.

Here are some Forever 21 hacks that will help your shopping experience!

  1. Do Not Shop Online at Forever 21 – It is hard to tell whether a clothing item will fit you the way you want it to. Make sure you read all the details carefully and pay extra attention to the material it is made out of. Some materials shrink after one use. Even if you are a pro at online shopping, Forever 21 is a tricky place.
  2. Check for Rips, Missing Buttons, and makeup Marks – Often, people return clothing after only one use. There is a greater chance to find makeup marks and other discrepancies on returned items. Forever 21 also offers 10% discount on items that have damage!
  3. See-Through Check – To check how see-through an item is, you should always place your hand inside the material. You don’t want to purchase an item that is too see-through for your liking.
  4. Make Sure You Treat Your Purchase Right – Due to Forever’s less quality, make sure you play close attention to the washing directions. Wash everything on delicate!
  5. Studentrate – If you are a student, you can get a discount on top of already low prices by signing up for student-rate. Get additional 4 percent cash back.
  6. Buy Outside Brands – The Branded Shop Collection contains clothes from CC Skye, Gypsy Warrior, and Alternative Apparel.
  7. Last Stop Is Accessories – Look at all of the accessories last if you are planning to try on clothes. You are not allowed to bring any accessories in the fitting room. Look for them last according to the clothes you plan to purchase!
  8. Shop Between 10 AM and 12 PM on Weekdays – To avoid a long line, you should ideally shop at Forever 21 between 10 AM and 12 PM on weekdays. Employees are still unpacking new products when the store opens. You might be lucky enough to come across a brand-new item!
  9. The Good Clothes Are Blended in the Back – When there is only one size left of an item, sales associates are told to place them onto a rack of other clothes. Those particular items were popular and sold fast. They act like hidden treasures!
  10. Look for #F21xMe Hashtag on Instagram – Since Forever 21 combines forces with many bloggers and Instagrammers who feature the brand’s clothing, you can see lots of pieces that will be in store soon. It always great to be ahead of trends!
    Written by: Neharika Shah

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