Always in Trend—Polka Dots

on September 2, 2017

Always in Trend—Polka Dots

Every girl at least has one item which has Polka dot. Polka dots always in trend because it is so classic!  At the first place, it intended to cover the moth holes in women’s wool dresses. In the late 19th century, Polka dot became common on clothing in the United Kingdom. (Wiki).

Disney put Polka Dots in trend because it created a cartoon character “Minnie Mouse” and started to be used on kids’ furniture, clothing, and accessory.

Polka Dots never leaves the trend, because more and more designers are using polka dots as the main pattern of some collections.

It makes women look full of energy and like a lovely girl. Women who wear Polka Dots want to show their attitude that they are happy and never be negative.


Shop this at ESTHER


This blouse is elegant and has small dots on it. Girls can wear this top with a slim fit pants or skirt. This top also can be worn as business casual.


Polka-dotted silk scarf


Shop this at MYTHERESA

PRICE: $485


Women’s Polka Dot Neckerchief

PRICE: $12.99


Those scarves both has eye-catching white-on-black polka dot design makes them looks similar but everyone has its own style. The first one is more luxury, which can be worn at more formal events. The second one is more casual.


Burnout Polka Dot Fit & Flare Dress


Price: $106.8

Shop at: Nordstrom

Check out this Polka dot dress. It combines modern and vintage together makes it classic and timeless and does not go out of style! Can be matched with bright color shoes or handbags.

Minnie Mouse Pic(

Written by: Scarlet

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