Feeling Fat is NOT a Feeling

on August 23, 2017

Today, I want to discuss an emotional and personal matter with all of you. I’m sure you guys remember in 2015 when Facebook faced the wrath of hell by offering the emoticon “fat” as an option for what users were “feeling” like that day.

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Body positivity activist, those who suffer from being overweight and people who have eating disorders voiced their outrage at what could be considered a digital form of fat shaming individuals around the world.

I’m bringing up this topic again because lately it’s been a reoccurring event where I hear individuals saying they “feel fat.” I’d like to be clear when I say that FAT is NOT a FEELING. When most of us choose to express our feelings by saying “I feel fat,” we’re really saying that we feel some kind of intense disgust towards our bodies.

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I’m discussing this problem because I feel as though it’s very important that we choose different words than “fat” when we’re emotional and expressing some sort of disgust towards ourselves. We should find accurate words when we’re unhappy with ourselves because in reality when you say “I feel fat” there are countless of people you’re offending and emotionally damaging.

This post was just a reminder to everyone that it’s extremely important to think twice about what we have to say, even when it’s about ourselves.

Written by: Darean Derae Rhodes

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