Makeup disasters and how to fix them

on August 12, 2017

Almost every woman knows how to apply makeup, but not everyone is an expert. However, an expert can make mistakes, too! Sometimes we try to avoid imperfection, there are still some unexpected troubles happen during the makeup, but nobody wants to start over. Here come the solutions for those mid-makeup disasters to save you from the imperfection!

Thick or cakey foundation

Have you ever had this kind of situation: you were doing your makeup in the bathroom with a dark warm light, and when you finished and see yourself in the natural daylight, you find the foundation looks a lot heavier! You do not want to wash them off because the eye makeup looks great, or you are in a hurry to work/school.

Here is a very easy and quick way to fix it. Apply a spray (either a moisturizing spray or a setting spray) all over your face, then use a piece of tissue gently wipes off the unnecessary foundation. If you do not want to see this problem happens, find a better light and mirror to do your makeup.

But if the thickness or cakey caused by your foundation, maybe it’s too dry (most full coverage foundations have this problem), you can mix some moisturizer with the foundation before you apply it.

Clownish Blushed

Unintentionally applied too much blush with a heavy hand? That definitely happened to most girls when you just start to do make-ups. You don’t want to look like a clown or someone got sunburned. So, when you facing this problem, you can just use a clean brush to blend some loosing powder over it, or you can use a sponge or brush that has a bit leftover foundation to press on the blushing area. These move not only thinner the blush also make your blush looks like a natural complexion.

Messed up Eyeliner and Mascara

This is the nightmare of every makeup girls. Eyeliner can be too thick, goes to an unwanted place, or some non-smudge-proof eyeliner can be a great mess after eye shadow. Mascara always touches the eyelid or under the eye when it is not dry, it is awful to see black dots all around your eyes, right? How to fix the “panda look”?

Maybe it’s not a good idea to use makeup remover to clean the mess, cause it can be way worse. Use a cotton bud to dip a little moisturizer, and softly wipe off the mistake, it will come right off without smudging around.

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fashomadminMakeup disasters and how to fix them

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  • esmeejayne - August 19, 2017 reply

    Great advice here. I will definitely be using some of these ideas.

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