Back to School Looks

on August 6, 2017

The 2017-18 academic year is approaching and what better reason (or maybe an excuse ha-ha) to spend money and fill up your closet with new looks! I understand that putting together the perfect outfit can be one of the most daunting and annoying things, so I took the liberty to list four outfits that will make getting dressed easy, fun and leave you turning heads.

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One. Boyfriend jeans are the ultimate go to pants. They’re tight enough yet loose enough to flatter anyone’s shape and they’re also comfy. That’s right, jeans that actually comfortable! Pair your denim bad boys with a simple top, sneakers and bold accents for the perfect first-day ensemble.

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Two. You can never go wrong with a vintage t-shirt and denim shorts. Keep it appropriate and choose a pair of shorts that aren’t too short, but flatter your shape. Slightly tuck your shirt into the front of your shorts for a more fitted look, grab a pair of sneakers and your classroom ready!

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Three. Make a classroom statement and throw on an oversized sweater, but purposely forget those pants of yours. This look is casual, yet chic and the ultimate mix between summer and fall. Grab a pair of comfy shoes and jazz up this look with the perfect accessories and a bold lipstick.

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Four. Ladies, I saved the best look and perhaps the comfiest for last. Leggings and ANY type of shirt have never done anyone wrong. Am I right?! I prefer to pair my leggings with a crop top, white sneakers, and oversized earrings and for a sweet finishing touch; I throw my hair in a messy bun.

I hope one of these outfits’ works out for you and remember any outfit will look 10x cuter if you rock it with confidence. ENJOY your first day back in class!

Written: Darean Derae Rhodes

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