The Do’s and Don’ts of Office Attire

on August 5, 2017

We all need help ensuring that our clothing colors match and don’t clash, so below Fahsom has provided five tips on how to mix and match perfectly.

One. Use a Color Wheel

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The color wheel serves as a visual aid for individuals who need help seeing which colors compliment each other and which do not. When talking about “complimentary” colors, that actually means “opposite.” So, the wheel is quite simple to actually understand – the colors that are on the opposite side of each other are those that compliment each other the best. For Instance, orange and blue are complimentary colors…

Two. Know Your Color Palettes

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Play it safe by mixing and matching colors that are in the same color palette. It’s pretty simple – mix earth tones with Earth tones, masculine tones with masculine tones and so forth. Pictured above is an example of Gretchen Jones, the winner of Project Runway Season 8, mixing and matching Earth tones with one another. Didn’t she do a beautiful job?!

Three. Black & ANY Color

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Wearing all black, in general, is the best solution when you can’t seem to find anything to wear, but for some of us, that’s just a little too boring. Fashom suggests that when you’re in doubt, black out your outfit and add a splash of any color. Black goes with everything, so you’ll never go wrong.

Four. Find & Follow a Scheme


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By following a color scheme, I mean find a piece of clothing, accessory or pair of shoes that you want to wear for the day and then base the rest of your wardrobe off that one color scheme. For instance, If you have a pair of heels you want to wear that day that consist of pink blue white and black, then choose an outfit with colors that will compliment your heels color scheme.

Five. Trust Yourself

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Any outfit is going to look its best when you feel your best and have compliment confidence in the look. If an outfit you throw on doesn’t match, but you look in the mirror and still look FIRE, then trust your gut instinct and wear it. Pictured above is a range of Fall 2017 trends from major designers such as Marc Jobs, Valentino, and Lacoste.


Written by: Darean Derae Rhodes

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fashomadminThe Do’s and Don’ts of Office Attire

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