The Five Beach Necessities

on August 4, 2017

Hello Fashom ladies, I’m back with another round of beach essentials that everyone needs while chillin’ seaside. Deciding on the items that one will need at the beach can be daunting, so I’ve compiled a list of a few things will make anyone’s leisure time on the shore more desirable. The summer days only seem to be getting hotter and hotter and while that lasts, I thought everyone would enjoy a few easy breezy tips.

(1) Tote Bag

The tote bag is the number one essential because who wants to drag everything they brought with them to the beach separately?! Purchase a cute oversized woven bag that you easily pair with any beach look.

(2) Sunscreen

Make sure you always have a bottle of sunscreen with you at the beach. Spending consecutive hours in the sun can lead to damaging your beautiful skin. I prefer to use Neutrogena’s sunscreen; it has a weightless texture when applied to the skin, provides great coverage for a lengthy amount of time and is waterproof.

(3) Large Beach Towel

Beach, you better bring a towel while you’re enjoying yourself on the seaside. An oversized beach towel is always a must and can be extremely versatile. I use my towel to keep my bum bum safe from the hot sand, wrap up in it when I want to take a nap in the sun and most importantly to dry off before I call it a day at the beach.

(4) Swimsuit Cover-up

Everyone’s body after a certain amount of time in the heat needs a break. A swimsuit cover-up will allow you to get a break from the sun, but also allow you to continue to feel the breeze of the ocean. I love cover-ups that are mid-length and flowy.

(5) Beach Hat

There are many reasons why I ALWAYS bring a hat to the beach with me. First,

I love to wear my hair down by the shore and wearing a hat ensures that my hair remains tame. Second, hats keep those painful sun rays out of my eyes. And, third adding a cute hat can be just what my outfit or anyone’s outfit needed to look poppin’!

I hope you guys enjoyed these FIVE beachin’ tips!

Written by: Darean Derae Rhodes

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fashomadminThe Five Beach Necessities

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