4 Ways to Stay Fit in summer

on July 26, 2017

For many, summer vacation is a time to live carefreely. Summer is the time where you can embrace late nights, travel the world and spend numerous hours binge-watching your favorite show without feeling guilty. Unfortunately, when this much freedom is given to some individuals it can lead to them breaking their daily workout routine. Fortunately, I have compiled a list of basic strategies that will help you stay in healthy and fit during your leisure time.


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Scheduling a time to get your daily workout in during summer can be one of the most difficult things. Set your alarm thirty minutes earlier than you usual and get a power workout in first thing in the morning. This may seem difficult the first few times, but eventually, it’ll become routine and you’ll thank yourself in the long haul.


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It’s important that you’re smart about what you choose to clench your thirst on a day out with friends. We understand that water gets old and boring, but thankfully there’s an easy and healthy solution to make drinking water delicious. Infuse your water each day with your favorite assortment of fruits and you’ll never return to sugary unhealthy drinks.


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Packing your snacks is not only a great habit for summer but year round. Summer time causes individuals to have unpredictable schedules, which can lead one to a convenient store and purchasing junk. Instead of risking this, take a few minutes before you head out and pack an assortment of nuts and fruit to take with you.


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Our bodies always love experiencing something new. Find a new activity that makes burning calories seem fun. Have you ever tried sunrise yoga, paddle boarding into the sunset or simply taking a dance class? Well if not, the time is now and you can thank me later!

Written By: Darean Derae Rhodes

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