Self-love wins: Plus Size Models

on July 14, 2017

What is your size? Are you confident?? Some girls are super confident, who wears size 16 clothes. Who are they?? They are the models for all plus size girls and full of confidence.

Let us get to know those girls and get inspiration from them

1. Naomi Shimada

Naomi is a half Japanese model who became the voice of this generation.


2. Liris Crosse

A leading plus size model shows her confidence and her personality in every shot!


 3. Ashley Graham

Plus size super model, Ashley Graham, rocks the model field!

What can we learn from them??

  • Confidence! Every girl should know her body and love it. Do not let people judge your body or your size. Confidence comes from self-love, which is inside but not outside of the body.
  • Smile! Always put a smile on your face and show happiness. Do not let yourself become your biggest enemy.
  • You deserve a perfect life! Healthy does not mean skinny, be yourself and fight for your perfect life!

    Written By: Scarlet

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fashomadminSelf-love wins: Plus Size Models

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