On Trend: Track Pants and Where to Get Them

on July 10, 2017


The collective of ‘90s streetwear re-emerging from the archives of brands all over the world has taken a special liking to track pants. While track pants are glorified sweatpants, they can be quite elegant, (and expensive).

While Adidas and Nike have been on top of this athleisure staple for years on end now, luxury brands are starting to put their ears to the streets as well. World famous comedian, Kevin Hart’s, Givenchy side stripe track pants are a flawless example of this. Heavily stressing comfort, fit, and elegance – these are some of the best options out there.


Gucci recently dipped further into the trend with their latest Spring/Summer 2017 collection along with many other coveted luxury brands. Staying on trend is a business move that many brands must do today to ensure they stay relevant and don’t get left behind.


While expensive luxury brands are doing their best to keep up with the trends of the streets, no one quite does it as well as Adidas. With exclusive collaborations and a unique pallet of colors for a fourth of the price, it’s no wonder they are dominating the game. However, if you want to hop on the track pants trend while it’s still hot, we’ve got some affordable and, of course, stylish options for you:

  1. Umbro Double Diamond Side Stripe Track Pant


On Urban Outfitters for $55, not bad!

2. Tracksuit Pant Button Strip


Offered up by Sixth June Paris, these will be nice to your outfit and your wallet! Get these for €29.90 (about $35).

3. Navy Techno Track Pants


These fitted track pants from EPTM will turn some heads while only costing you $45. Don’t they look expensive?


4. Puma Tricot Track Pants


Keep it simple with these Puma side-stripe track pants. Find them on sale for $29.99 on macys.com.


5. Adidas Woven Regular Fit Joggers


Last, but not least, try these unique track pants from Adidas for a breezy $26.00 on ASOS.

Fashom loves this trend because it encourages so much creativity and individuality in your look with a number of options that are available out there. Be comfortable and stylish anyway you want to in your favorite pair of track pants.


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Written by: Martin Lang

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fashomadminOn Trend: Track Pants and Where to Get Them

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