How To Treat Your Hair This Summer

on July 6, 2017

Summer 2017 is finally here! It’s the best time to relax and enjoy the weather – but the scorching heat can do numerous things to your hair. Good thing there are proactive methods to take care of your summer hair!

One method is to shampoo less than normal. Because summer heat and sun exposure cause hair dryness, it is vital to maintaining your natural scalp oil levels. This can avoid the vicious cycle of dryness! Another method is to avoid styling tools with heat. Your hair in the summer is exposed to more heat than you think, so do not overdo it with extra heat! However, if you need to style your hair for a special event or night out, use a leave-in conditioner before you style it. In addition, you may want to schedule regular trims. Since summer heat takes away moisture, leaving your ends dry and frizzy, make sure your schedule trims every 4-6 weeks! And probably the most important to keep in mind is protecting your hair from chlorine. Make sure you wet your hair before you enter the pool, this will protect it from chlorine as much as possible. Immediately rinse your hair and shampoo/condition after your swim!

These are the most important techniques to save your hair from the damage this summer and for summers to come! Feel your best by staying on top of your hair health.


Written By: Neharika Shah

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fashomadminHow To Treat Your Hair This Summer

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