Positively Kate

on June 28, 2017


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One of the Internets finest aspects is the way it allows people around the world to share their stories and connect with individuals of all types of backgrounds. Body and mental health advocate, Kate Speer uses Instagram to posts about her life and how she’s overcoming her daily struggles. Recently, Kate posted a video of herself jumping and dancing without limitations in her living room. Kate stated that she was doing #JiggleForJoy and before she knew it, her vivacious video went viral.

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“Your midday reminder that YOU – just as you are – are FABULOUS! I’ve been struggling with my beautiful body this week and note, I know I have a thin-privileged, able-privileged, beautiful bod even if I can’t always feel it be so,” Kate wrote at the beginning of her post. She goes on to state that she is “doing the #JiggleForJoy” and “gosh darnit ED, you aren’t going to stop” her.

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Kate or Positvely.Kate, as she’s known on Instagram, admits to deleting her #JiggleForJoy video seven times before she felt comfortable permanently leaving the video up for the world to see. Her decision to ultimately keep the Instagram video posted was for the video serve as a positive reminder to all her followers that their bodies are “perfect, whole, and beautiful”.

Kate Speer, you have a beautiful soul. Ladies and gentlemen, remember you are #BettrAsIAm.

Written By: Darean Derae Rhodes

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